Improvement of the Ocean Pollutant Transport Model by Using the Surface Spline Interpolation


Title: Improvement of the Ocean Pollutant Transport Model by Using the Surface Spline Interpolation.

Journal: Tellus A Dynamic Meteorology & Oceanography, doi: 10.1080/16000870.2018.1481689.

Authors: ZONG X. -L., M. -J. Xu, J. -L. Xu, and X. -Q. Lv*

Abstract: The independent point scheme (IPS) is applied to inverting initial condition with the adjoint method for the ocean pollutant transport model in this work. As an improvement, the linear Cressman interpolation is removed and the surface spline interpolation is implemented in the IPS. A series of numerical experiments are carried out to test and compare the improved IPS. And experiment results show that through applying the improved IPS, what is further reduced is mean absolute errors between simulation results and observations. Moreover, the inverted distributions are more smooth, accurate and reasonable. In addition, the application of improved IPS also reduces the variables that need to be inverted and promotes the computational efficiency. By these numerical experiment results, it is demonstrated that the combination of improved IPS and adjoint method can be used for the inversion of initial conditions and parameters estimation more effectively and reliably.